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Steamed yellow split pea snack

Born and raised as a vegetarian, dishes made from lentils were always a part of my daily meal. Lentils are basically tiny dried split beans packed with protein, the major source of protein for vegetarians. Variety of lentils are routinely … Continue reading

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Mini cheese balls

And just when we thought that there won’t be any hockey this year, came the much awaited announcement from NHL that finally the truce has been called and we will soon have the puck rolling on the ice. So, get … Continue reading

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Arepa – a Venezuelan street food

Arepas are popular street food in Venezuela and Columbia. This handy recipe consists of corn patties that are either stuffed or topped with a variety of fillings/toppings. The street vendors selling arepas in Venezuela are called Areperos and they use … Continue reading

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Fennel apple salad

Fennel bulb was relatively exotic vegetable for me until I came to North America. Unlike Italian cuisine which uses the bulb of fennel quite extensively, Indian cuisine uses only the seeds of fennel plants, either in the dish or as … Continue reading

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Chocolate Barfi

I still remember the day I cooked this recipe for the first time…a day before my 8th birthday.  Sitting on top of the kitchen counter next to the stove I was the helper chef as usual. My job was to … Continue reading

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